Audio Visual Interactive solutions supplier and installer

ConsultNet provide solutions that enable teachers to focus their pupil's attention so that information is clearly understood, captivating their imaginations and effectively conveying information.

  • Interactive whiteboards designed to give teachers flexibility to teach
  • Interactive whiteboards share information on your PC with your pupils keeping your audience’s attention focused on your content
  • Interactive pads facilitates group interaction since control can easily be passed amongst pupils easily.
  • Interactive panels ideal where presenters prefer to face their audience continually.
  • PRESENTA prep enables preparation of lesson material away from the board, freeing the interactive whiteboard for its primary function.
  • PRESENTA link Helping to create tidy and safe working environments where you can use your interactive whiteboard without having to worry about trailing wires.
  • PX interactive software provides an easy to use, intuitive floating toolbox of features to enhance the delivery of important information, making it more visually stimulating.
  • Netop School Teaching software for networked PC in a classroom.

Visual presenter

Everyone is familiar with the OHP, a product that has been used in schools, colleges and offices for as long as everyone can remember. Now the visual presenter, which used in conjunction with a data projector, will replace the OHP, with a number of useful features to enhance its use in a classroom / office / lecture theatre etc.

With a visual presenter you can:-

  • Instantly display any document, exercise book or 3D object to your audience
  • Instantly share a moving object – perhaps view a chemical reaction taking place
    Capture the image and compare to a previously captured image.
  • Freeze the picture so the document, object etc can be passed around the room
    Zoom in with automatic focus to get a really close up view.
  • Capture anything on display onto your PC or MAC, which can be saved or printed
    Interact with the image on display using your interactive whiteboard
  • As easy to use as an OHP