Our web servers are hosted in a state of the art Data Centre facility providing the most secure environment for your website utilising a shared multiple web hosting hosting facility which means your web site is always available ensure that your website is online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We at ConsultNet know hosting is a fundamental part of your business. Therefore it is important to make the right choice when deciding where to host your Internet services.

ConsultNet are real people not a virtual page providing Internet Hosting, a professional image for your business such as a domain Name, Email image web design services.

Server Allocation

We at ConsultNet understand that not all web sites are the same size, some may be under 1MB others over 20MB. For this reason we do not dispense your space in chunks, instead we simply set an upload (quota) limit on your account to only allow you to upload up to your limit (5MB Default limit).

EMail Facilities

Any number of Email POP3 accounts for each domain with AutoResponders. AutoResponders and webmail can be setup to automatically distribute information or simply notify clinets when you will return from holiday to answer their emails.

Email Forwarding

EMail Forwarders. For example you could forward all email addressed to sales@yourdomain.com to an external EMail address such as a personal Hotmail account.

Web Mail

Using the webmail service emails can be sent and viewed over the Internet from any location using any browser this facility can be located at webmail.yourdomain.co.uk. So for example if your domain name is mycompany.co.uk then point your web browser at: http://webmail.mycompany.co.uk/ this will display a login portal for email and your auto responder configuration.

FTP Access

ConsultNet provide FTP access. We do not limit the amount of data transferred nor do we limit upload/download speed,we can set quota limits for each account. This is useful if you are letting you upload data. This way you can be sure they will not abuse your service.


ConsultNet UNIX based server comes equipped with full PHP extensions. PHP enables you to produce professional looking dynamic web pages, and are ideal for creating e-commerce or database driven based web sites. PHP offers excellent connectivity with MySQL databases.

For more information - http://www.php.net/

MySQL Databases

ConsultNet UNIX based server supports full MySQL databases. MySQL is a popular choice with our customers due to it's excellent speed and efficiency. Our MySQL administration facility enables easy creation of relational SQL databases. And because it runs as an independent server facility external to your space it can easily bridge the server OS gap. For example customers can mix and match operating systems. What this means is you could have sites based on an NT package and other sites based on a UNIX package sharing data from a MySQL database simultaneously.

For more information - http://www.mysql.com/

Perl & CGI

ConsultNet UNIX based server supports full Perl & CGI (Common Gateway Interface) capabilities. Perl/CGI is the original and in some opinions still the best language for web applications. Using it's DBI module makes database connectivity simple. You will find an abundance of free scripts available throughout the Internet.

For more information - http://www.perl.com/

For more information - http://www.perldoc.com/


ConsultNet Windows based servers come equipped with full Active Server Pages (ASP) support. Included is full CDO object support. ASP is a similar concept to PHP extensions for UNIX. Its ability to hold state between web pages by way of its Application & Session objects enables complex shopping carts and customer preferences to be stored to memory throughout your web site. All Windows servers come with the very latest ODBC drivers for DSN-less connections to popular databases such as Microsoft Access databases.

Domain Name

ConsultNet setup and administer your domain name which provides all the above or alternatively ConsultNet will provide web diversion to your preferred hosting supplier.

Dial-Up Facility

ConsultNet provide free unlimited use of our dial-up facility. The service is fast, free and reliable.

Virus & Spam Filtering

Anti virus and spam services can be provided at source per POP3 mail box.

Features include:

  • Advanced SPAM Scoring System
  • Utilises Blacklists
  • Minimal Delay To EMail Delivery
  • 98% SPAM Capture Ratio
  • Blocks Dangerous File Extensions (eg: .bat, .pif, .vbs)
  • Sophos Anitvirus Technology
  • Virus Definitions Updated Hourly
  • Scans Your EMail BEFORE It Reaches Your Computer

SSL Secure Server