360 Virtual Tours

Full 360 degree tours are provided using the latest technology from the market leader - IPIX. Virtual Tours have revolutionized the way properties can be viewed over the internet allowing the user to walk through a property as if they were actually there but from the comfort of their own computer screen.

How to get Virtual Tours:

  • ConsultNet integrate software onto a website as part of the Web design process.
  • Client informs ConsultNet the properties that require tours on an on-going basis.
  • ConsultNet visit the property and create the tour on the clients behalf.
  • Virtual Tour is then edited and loaded onto the clients website.

Interactive virtual tours are now available; by double clicking on an area of a room within the virtual tour the user can for instance be taken to the floorplan dimensions or an aerial view etc.

Click the Virtual Tour icon for an example of a Virtual Tour

Click here to see an iPIX  image